COUPLE UNION Male / Female Candle RED color Figure Wicca Spell for Love Spells.

This is like a double candle together, if you want only one you can check my other lists, thanks.
This candle can be used for a spell for married couples or someone wants to be married. Also read download njrat. This will work for Love Spells.
Perfect for spells or just lighting up for more union!
Used most commonly in sympathetic rituals and for moving candle spells.
These are very Wicca but can be incorporated into Santeria or hoodoo or voodoo quite nicely. Also read spy note.

This listing is for ONE of these….Perfect for couple rituals and gifts involving male and female energies.

These will burn in about 3-4 hours….. Also read fgo apk jp.  always burn in fire safe container and never leave unattended.
They can be snuffed out and burned and many consecutive days if needed

Please message me with any needs or questions, Blessings!

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