Curse Removal Spells

Are you struggling because of the possibility that a curse has been placed upon you at some point during your life? This special spell ritual might be performed to ensure that you or someone you care for is completely free from all curses that may have been put in place at any time. These very reassuring and curse removal spells might free you or your chosen person from the sadness, anxiety and bad luck that curses may cause. I should point out that I do not lay curses, but I do perform very powerful protection rituals that might protect you from some of the undesirable and dishonest people out there.

Many practitioners believe that removing a curse is as easy as not choosing to have a belief in the curse. It is the belief in your demise and in the power of someone else’s wishes for you that is so damaging.

This is a very simple spell that not only works to remove any curses that may have been placed on you but it also works to break any type of hex or curse that you may have put on someone else. It involves the focus on your part and the ability to abandon all fear.

Chakra Cleansing

You may have already noticed there are parts of your body that activate when things happen in your life. When you’re not feeling confident or strong, you might feel the tension in your gut. When you’re not feeling connected with the universe, your head might ache. When you’re not speaking up for yourself, your throat might be sore or constricted. All of these places (and more) are the chakras, or energy centers, of your body. And while they might be present in your body, they can also collect negative energy over time. Now and again, a Chakra Cleansing can help you free yourself to connect with the positive energy of the world.

 Karma Cleansing

While you try not to harm other people in your life, it’s nearly impossible to not accumulate some negative karma. You might hurt someone by something you say or do, and you may never realize it. But if you’re hanging onto negative karma, it can influence the way your life is today. It can cause you to have a harder time getting the things you want and the things you desire. With Karma Cleansing, you can release the negative karma and open yourself up to more fully to what is coming your way.

Purification Spells

Daily struggles and routines can leave you feeling lethargic and unmotivated. Worry and stress build up over time, creating the feeling of trudging through life with a heavy soul. The Purification Spell is designed to lift the weight off your spirit and leave you feeling free and light. Relieve your conscience of its burden and cleanse your energies by allowing the positive forces of this white magic spell to reawaken your senses to the beauty of life. It is designed as a spiritual cleansing to renew your spirit and enliven your senses.